Passionate About... Turning Junk to Funk

I’ve always been a ‘creative person’ (see my Background page for being passionate about pottery!) and so co-presenting and producing multiple series of Crafty Beggars was a joy… like being the proverbial pig in muck! Equally as rewarding was working for Create and Craft TV (UK & USA), The Craft Channel, International Craft & Hobby Fairs and Crafts Beautiful magazine. The Pandemic certainly put a spanner in the works with regards to filming more episodes of Crafty Beggars so that’s on the back burner at the moment. In the meantime I’m enjoying the creative process of turning junk into funk and hope you like some of the examples I’ll be posting regularly on this page.

New to the concept? Grab some inspiration and have a go! Studies have proved that being creative helps alleviate depression, and that ‘making things’ is a real mood lifter. Take it from me, it’s true.

Pimp Up Your Platforms

Some paper napkins are just too lovely to be wasted on wiping your lips, like these Easter themed ones.

Simply cut up the napkin, work out which bits of the design suit the shape of the shoe best and glue onto the wedge area. Make sure you use ‘Napkin Glue’, as PVA will tear the material, Chrystal strips add style and sparkle.

They were featured in a craft segment on ITV’s This Morning and they’re one of my favourite pairs of shoes.


These are the same style of wedge shoes but this time I used fabric glue and strong PVA to keep all the materials in place.

The animal themed fabric is available from and the other bits of applique and embellishments are scraps I had l lying around.

I bought these on Ebay for a bargain price – perfect shoes for tarting up with braid, beads and ribbons!

Everything is glued on apart from the beads which required a needle and thread.