I was born in a village called Nortonle-Moors in Stoke-on-Trent, and although I have lived in London for the past 25 years I still visit ‘home’ to see mum and dad and to attend the annual ‘Heroes Awards’ – an event now run by Port Vale FC to celebrate local unsung heroes.

I’m very proud of The Potteries – proud of its long and glorious history and of the spirit and generosity of the people.

Picking flowers in the garden!

Staffordshire Oatcakes are unique and delicious and when I visit Norton they are usually the first dish on the menu.

My favourite Oatcakes are filled with vegan cheese and accompanied by mushrooms, tomatoes and fake bacon.  


‘Lobby’ is a local dish – a kind of stew made up of the week’s leftovers! 

A variety of ceramic pieces I made at school. Pottery was definitely my favourite subject.

Vegan Afternoon Tea at Wedgwood’s; a real treat.

With mum and dad after hosting the Heroes Awards
At the Heroes Awards with a local line-up. (Left to right, England goalkeeper Jack Butland, Olympic gold medallist Joe Clarke, footballing legend Gordon Banks and actor Neil Morrisey)
A pottery pig for a project on Create and Craft TV